The way it should be.

MYNE gives you unprecedented control of your privacy; what you say, share and write is yours. MYNE finds the best way to communicate and connects you every time. #MakeMyneYours

Our Creed

Today, our communications are tapped, unreliable and expensive.

Your messages should not be stored in a cloud for others to spy on.

The quality of our calls and video chat should only be second best to being there in person.

The secrecy between us should not be obvious to others based on the app that we use.

The speed of your messages should always be instant.

Our privacy is paramount. Only you should have control over your communications and contacts.

We should be able to communicate even without Web access or when our data connection flakes.

We should not juggle a myriad of apps to connect with others through voice, messaging and video chat.

Our communications should always be free or inexpensive.

The next-generation in messaging apps is here. MYNE puts you in control of your privacy, lowers your phone bills, and connects you every time.

The way it should be.