what is myne?

Some of the greatest opportunities for growth in the 21st century could arise from a deeper understanding of the complex realms of human psychology. Recent technological advances are merely scratching the surfaces of these realms.

We are developing new principles, methods and tools to illuminate a person's personality, beliefs and behaviors, and to harness the resulting insights to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential.

how does myne work?

Lead people to their psychology

catalize instrospection

Bombarded with information from the outside world, it is increasingly difficult to meaningfully analyze ourselves. Typically, we must be prompted and incentivized to think critically about who we are.

Myne tackles the greatest opportunities for growth in the fields we pursue because the higher the stakes, the more valuable the underlying psychological insights, and more inclined people are to look inward.

Catalyze Instrospection

avoid interference

The most valuable information about our psychology can be difficult to access: it can be buried, blockaded, tangled or disguised. Accessing this information requires carefully-worded questions that can dig deep to avoid these obstacles.

Consider the difference between the questions, “Do I have any prejudices?” and the questions “How many of my 10 closest friends share my gender? ethnic background? sexual orientation?”

Avoid Interference

Help people unlock their psychology

Increase Precision

increase precision

Imprecise questions are dull knives. Consider the similar questions, “Do I believe in god?” (yes/no) and “How convinced am I that God exists on a scale from 1-100?”

Someone who barely believes in God 1850 (10/100) and someone who is convinced of God’s existence (100/100) would likely both answer yes to the imprecise version of the question.

Maximize Inferential Power

maximize inferential power

Similar questions can yield vastly different amounts of valuable information. Maximizing a question's inferential power requires a careful calibration of precision, accuracy, scope, and concreteness.

Questions with substantial inferential power o en combine a narrow window with a wide view. Consider how much you reveal about yourself when you answer the question, "In what year what I prefer to be living?"

Informing your actions

organize information

Delivering news about a person is no different than delivering news about the world. It must be organized, concise and compelling in order to be e ective.

We optimize our data visualizations on a regular basis in order to increase their organization, consicion and communicative band- width.

Organize Information

minimize miscommunication

Valuable psychological information is o entimes sensitive in nature, and it is therefore vulnerable to distortion by its source or an intermediary before it reaches its destination.

We design our platforms to elicit valuable information and main- tain the integrity of that information until it reaches its detination.

If you were unhappy with your boss, how and to whom (at your workplace) could you safely communicate that information?

Minimize Miscommunication

convert self-knowledge into power

Knowledge is power, but it o en- times requires expertise to convert self-knowledge into empow- erment.

Handing an athlete a 30-page report that details relationships between his or her psychology and their performance is handing the athlete self-knowledge.

Helping that athlete transform these insights into a bullet-list of performance enhancing behav- ioral changes is empowering the athlete.

Self-Knowledge into power

where does myne work?

Where it helps


Myne enables students to use their own background, culture, and experiences to more richly contextualize, and better absorb, academic subject matter.

Our proprietary 'first-personalization' platform accomplishes this by transforming traditional textbooks into engaging learning modules. These modules prompt students to play an active role in discovering how academic concepts are personally relevant to their lives, and demonstrably increase the “stickiness” of what they learn.

workplace environment

Companies are inefficient through the life cycle of employment. Many of these inefficiencies are rooted in employee psychology.

Myne addresses these inefficiencies with data-driven solutions that harness a scientific understanding of employee psychology and behavioral biases.

finance and debt

A person's psychological makeup impacts his or her ability to repay loans in measurable ways. Yet most servicers ignore a borrower's psychology, and lenders only collect a handful of pre-origination records. This approach creates adversarial and one-size-fits-all arrangements between servicers and borrowers.

Myne's psychology-driven borrower-assistance platform harnesses the unique psychology of each borrower.

athletic performance

We are developing a platform for athletes that merges the tools and methodology of sabermetrics with psychometrics, creating a data-driven approach to the mental side of the game.

Our platform measures a series of mental-state variables which we correlate with on-field performance. Higher-level analyses generate targeted and performance-enhancing insights that are not available through any other platform or method.

who is myne?


jeremy fischbach

  • CEO
  • Co-Founder
  • J.D. NYU;
  • B.A. Psychology, Princeton

ely alvarado

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Co-Founder

dan long

  • Advisor/Co-Founder
  • M.A. Philosophy, Stanford;
  • B.A. Mathematics, UC Berkeley;
  • B.A. Philosophy, UC Berkeley

matt rogers

  • Lead Designer
  • B.A. Psychology, Princeton;
  • Certificate in Graphic Design, Princeton

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